03- 15 JULY 2024
The North Pole is one of the most amazing places on our planet. Just imagine a trip to this Kingdom of snow and ice. Here you can see rare animals and drifting perennial ice, taste the fresh polar air, and take unforgettable photos on the "Top of the World".

Our expedition will go to the North Pole from the city of Murmansk on the modern Arctic nuclear-powered ship - "50 Years of Victory". As a part of the cruise, we will reach the North Pole, as well as go through the Arctic waters to the northernmost point of Russia - the legendary Franz Josef Land archipelago. On the Zodiac expedition boats we will land on the picturesque shores, study the original nature, and explore the Arctic from high up in the sky by helicopter.
Cruise itinerary by day
The route of our unique cruise begins in Murmansk
Day 1.
Day 1.
Preparing for the cruise
Day 2.
Day 2.
Boarding the icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy"
Day 3-6.
Arctic ocean
Day 3-6.
Arctic ocean
Going to the North Pole
Day 7.
North Pole
Day 7.
North Pole
We are on top of the planet!
Day 8-10.
Russian Arctic islands
Day 8-10.
Russian Arctic islands
Exploring islands of the Russian Arctic
Day 11-12.
Barents sea
Day 11-12.
Barents sea
Heading towards Murmansk
Day 13.
Day 13.
Arrival in Murmansk
Preparation for the Cruise
On the first day participants will prepare for the journey. Upon arrival in Murmansk you will be taken to a hotel in the city center, where you can start a little trip on your own and explore the largest city located beyond the Arctic Circle.
DAY 2. Murmansk, Russia
Boarding the icebreaker "50 Years of Victory.
This morning the participants begin preparations for the cruise. The transfer will take you to the port, where you will board the most potent nuclear-powered icebreaker - "50 Years of Victory". Late in the afternoon the ship will set off on a polar journey towards amazing adventures!
DAY 3-6. The Arctic Ocean
Heading to the North Pole
Here you are already on board the icebreaker and heading towards the "Top of the World". Experts of the polar region will tell you about the climatic, natural and other features of the Arctic. Right from the decks you will see how an icebreaker breaks through the centuries-old ice. Traveling is not limited to one observation: in good weather a helicopter tour and landing on the ice plains and Arctic islands will be organized.
DAY 7. The North Pole
We Are at the "Top of the Planet"
Approaching the cherished goal, the captain slowly maneuvers the icebreaker to "set" the ship at 90°N - The geographical location of the North Pole. Hooray, we are here!
To celebrate this event tourists get off the ship. The whole world is at your feet - literally! Here, at the "top", all the meridians converge. The highlight of the polar evening will be the real polar barbecue. Special means of satellite communications will make a "call to a friend from the North Pole" possible. The ones who are not scared of cold may swim in icy waters of the ocean, and then get warm by the fire. Positive emotions and many unforgettable impressions are guaranteed to all participants of the project!
DAY 8-10. Russian Arctic Islands
Exploring Russian Arctic Island
The Arctic carefully keeps its secrets. That's why true romantics will anticipate this journey! These days we are exploring the most interesting region of the Arctic - the Franz Josef Land archipelago. This is a world of pack ice, volcanic mountains, icebergs and unspoiled nature.

Expeditionary guides will tell you a lot of interesting things about the past and present of the archipelago, and if the weather conditions permit, we will go to the Tikhaya Bukta, where we will meet numerous colonies of polar birds. The meeting with the "local" inhabitants of nature does not end there: we will meet polar bears and polar walruses on the territory of the archipelago, whose curiosity will lead them directly to the board of our ship!
DAY 11-12. The Barents Sea
Going Towards Murmansk
The icebreaker sets off towards Murmansk. On the way back you can enjoy the Arctic landscapes, visit the library, bar or pool. Enjoy the final photo presentation that will be held so that all participants can experience all the impressive moments of the trip. You are also invited to dinner with the captain.
DAY 13. Murmansk, Russia
Here our journey comes to an end. During the cruise we will not just visit the North Pole: our team will join the ranks of selected travelers who managed to see the whole world from the top of the planet. After breakfast, you will disembark and go to the airport by transfer. We hope you got many stories and unique memories!
Special guests on the cruise
Experienced guides will be waiting for you during the trip, as well as projects from special guests
Fedor Konyukhov
Record-breaking traveler
4In the summer of 2022, Fedor Konyukhov attempted to set another record - to reach the North Pole on a motor glider for the first time in history. Unfortunately, the heroes failed to set a record: they had to make an emergency landing on an ice floe, from which they were picked up by the icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" with travelers on board.

In 2024 Fyodor Konyukhov will try to set the record again, and the travelers of the Club will again have a chance to witness the world record.
Gosha Kutsenko
Actor, film director, screenwriter
"I was in heaven!" - that's how Gosha Kutsenko described his trip to the North Pole in 2022.
During the cruise Gosha held a creative evening where he performed his new song. As bad luck, just before the concert, a bear cub with three cubs approached the icebreaker and everyone ran away. "I even joked later that she stole my audience, "- said the actor with a smile.
The Top of the World
The expedition to the North Pole is fairly considered to be one of the most exclusive in the world. And this is not a coincidence: since ancient times people have sought to penetrate into the heart of the Arctic - the North Pole, but few have managed to get to the "Top of the World".
Unique Nature
Polar animals are some of the rarest animals in the world. During the trip you will see Arctic flowers, bow-headed whales, narwhals, beluga whales, walruses, seals and, of course, polar bears. Moreover, our group will be able to go to the rocky shores inhabited by bird colonies.
Helicopter Flights
Our travelers will enjoy the northern nature to the full extent, because during the cruise participants will be able to see harsh polar landscapes from high up in the sky. Modern helicopters will deliver you to almost any hard-to-reach point. Here workshops on polar photography will prove to be more useful than ever: just imagine what pictures can be taken!
About the icebreaker
"50 Years of Victory" is the Arctic-class nuclear-powered icebreaker, first launched in 2007. It is currently the largest and most modern Arctic nuclear-powered ship. Reliable icebreaking construction and protection system allow the vessel to appear at the North Pole regularly and return without incident to its home harbor.

The icebreaker is fully equipped for comfortable long trips. The ship team provides 4 meals a day in a spacious restaurant. Two bars and shops are open.

Lecture halls open their doors for the participants in their free time. You can also visit the library or the cinema. For those who want to keep fit there is a swimming pool, sauna and sports grounds. All guests will be accommodated in comfortable cabins equipped with everything what it takes. Laundry will help you keep your clothes clean on a long journey. To contact the "big land" phones and e-mail are provided.
50 years of Victory
The free seating restaurant offers gourmet food and high quality service. We use fresh produce, which is delivered on board before each cruise.
Victoria Bar
Taste great French, Italian and Chilean wines at the Victoria Bar while enjoying the views of the Arctic. The bar also offers a large selection of alcoholic beverages: whiskey, gin, rum and others. The bar is open until late in the evening.
Lecture hall
Briefings, lectures, and presentations held in the lecture hall will help you become real experts in the world of the Arctic. Modern technical equipment makes the educational part of our expedition even more informative and colorful.
Polar Shop
Welcome to our Polar Shop! From such a unique trip as a cruise to the North Pole, you want to bring unique gifts for your friends. You will find them in our store.
Captain's Bridge
Learn about the basics of ice navigation from the captain of a nuclear-powered icebreaker. Look at the Arctic from a special angle, the way the captain and officers of the nuclear icebreaker see it. Determine your location on your expedition map.
Sports hall
During sea crossings the gym is rarely seen empty. Among the favorite activities of our travelers are table tennis, basketball, volleyball and even mini-football.
Engine room
Explore the "heart" of the icebreaker during a tour of the engine room.
Swimming pool and sauna
A heated seawater pool and two saunas are at your service on board.
Cabins and costs
The price is for 1 person in double occupancy in the cabin.
Double cabin
2 507 620
14m², Bed, sofa, bathroom (toilet, shower), TV and DVD player; 2 windows.
Mini Suite
2 963 620
21m², Sleeping area (bed) is separated by a screen from the living area (sofa, desk, TV, DVD-player, fridge); Bathroom (toilet, shower).
Junior Suite
3 419 620
24m², Sleeping area (bed) is separated by a screen from the living area (sofa, desk, TV, DVD-player, fridge); Bathroom (toilet, shower).
Grand Suite
3 495 620
27m², 2 rooms: bedroom and living room; bathroom (toilet, shower), refrigerator, TV, DVD-player, coffee maker;
Victoria Suite
3 723 620
28m², 2 rooms: a spacious bedroom and sitting area; sofa, bathroom (toilet, bath), refrigerator, TV, DVD-player, coffee maker.
Suite Arctic
3 875 620
33m², 2 rooms: very spacious bedroom and sitting area; sofa, bathroom (toilet, bath), refrigerator, TV, DVD player, coffee maker.
Accommodation with a sub-bed is possible in a Standard cabin. In case of single occupancy in a Standard cabin, the price is calculated with the coefficient 1.7. In case of single accommodation in other cabin categories coefficient 2 is applied.
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